Fence Company in Meridian, ID

Are you in need of closing in your property in the country? Do you have animals that you need to secure? We build a large variety of agricultural fences to enhance the look of your property, contain your animals and define your property’s boundaries. We build barb wire fences, wire mesh fences, wood rail fences, 3 rail vinyl fences and steal well stem fences. Over the years we have moved towards replacing wood posts with well stem posts. Whether it be a line post in your fence or an H brace we recommend going with well stem posts. If your going to spend the money we believe in installing a product that will never rot in the ground. We build our corners and H braces with well stem posts set in concrete, containing a cross-member welded into place. From this point we have a secure point to attach your wire and pull it tight. We can design a fence for you or build a custom fence that meets your needs. We welcome your thoughts and ideas.